Evolve Your Revenue Model Faster than Market Changes

Deploy and test experiments across your subscription workflows with zero developer dependency.

Adapt &
Roll out new pricing in minutes, not months while still elegantly grandfathering existing customers.
Enter new market segments by streamlining self-service flows, or rolling in sophisticated sales processes.
Increase retention and engagement with deep segmentation, notifications, and customizable "my-account" portals.
Deploy the next big strategy from product launches to geographic expansion.

There's a New Revenue
Opportunity at Every Corner

subscription pricing experiments

If you aren't rethinking your go-to-market every 6 months, you're losing money already. Chargebee lets you constantly experiment, refine, and capture opportunities even as they open up. Tease in new pricing variants, offer juicy add-ons, or throw in a discount to sweeten the deal. Stride into new geographies with the invoice, tax, and compliance pains taken care of. Simulate complex billing rules and changes across your subscription lifecycle with Chargebee Time Machine.

Experiment with 67+ Pricing Model variations
Reach customers across the world
Chargebee's Subscription Time Machine
Chargebee is very important because that's the final step in the process of conversion. It's the payment. And on the B2B side, as we're moving upmarket, I need a system flexible enough to support some of the use cases, which more simple systems couldn't like applying coupons that expire at certain time periods. If I need to create specific discounts or override pricing for my upmarket customers, Chargebee does that seamlessly.
subscription business model

Move Upmarket or Downmarket Whenever You Wish to

Selling to 100 small customers or one enterprise customer calls for completely different strategies. Move upmarket with a sophisticated workflow that lets you override existing pricing, and automates your entire quote-to-cash process. Or build an entirely self-serve workflow from order creation to revenue collection.

For a self-serve workflow
For a high-touch sales workflow

Break down and Focus on Different Parts of Your Customer Journey

Your north star metric changes every quarter. Sometimes you need to shift focus from driving acquisition to plugging retention, enabling expansion, and optimizing cash flow within a single day. Chargebee lets you optimize every part of your subscription revenue workflow with the right levers and analytics.

Track Cart Abandonment
Minimize Churn with Chargebee
Identify problem areas in your subscription workflow

It Takes One Leak to
Sink The Unsinkable

How many leaks can your revenue survive? How much revenue leakage can you prevent if you add a local payment gateway for Themyscira? What if you made your entire email a huge "Pay Now" button when recovering late payments? Chargebee lets you plug and play with payment methods and gateways, and helps recover revenue through smart revenue recovery techniques like attempting payments during the customer's local time, etc.

Plug Revenue Leaks
Integrate Multiple Payment Gateways
With any SaaS startup, you're not only iterating product rapidly. You're pivoting fast with the product, with marketing, with pricing plans. It was so much more flexible than any other platform we had evaluated, especially with their pricing plan options. And certainly, when we started to look at Chargify.

No matter how you handle subscriptions today, Chargebee can fit in with your existing tech stack and exemplify operational efficiency

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