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Chargebee's in-house team of implementation experts is here for you, and no one knows Chargebee like we do. With expertise ranging from B2B SaaS to eCommerce, we are here to ensure that you go live with your Chargebee site at lightning-fast speed.

Why you can trust the Chargebee Implementations Team

Enjoy the reassurance of having 35 full-time experienced Implementation Consultants

Benefit from a fully customized onboarding plan that's tailored to your individual business needs

Get personalized assistance from a dedicated Engagement Manager till you go live

Join a growing club of 4,000+ happy customers who are now processing over $5 billion revenue

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The Chargebee Onboarding Framework
Our time-tested implementation expertise is capable of helping you switch from your legacy billing system and go live with your Chargebee site in just under 30 days!
Assigning the Team
An Implementation Consultant (IC), a Data Migration Engineer (ME), an Implementation Engagement Manager* (IEM), and a Custom Dev Engineer are assigned to you.
Kick-off Call
Here we will (i) walk you through the migration plan and solution handbook, and (ii) decide timelines for migration and implementation.
Setting Up your Sandbox
We (i) set up your Chargebee sandbox account, (ii) test your CRM & Accounting integrations, (iii) do a lead-to-ledger transaction, and (iv) help you with data modelling and transformation for migration.
Validating your Sandbox
You and the Chargebee QA team will validate the settings and the data in your sandbox account. Once you sign off on the sandbox, we prepare for the go-live process.
Transferring Configurations to Live Site
Once you and the Chargebee Implementation team align on the live site configurations, we initiate the transfer of configurations from the sandbox to the live site. This will be followed by migration of integrations and site data.
Supporting you Throughout
Once the implementation is complete, the team will be on standby to address all your go-live queries. Then, the Implementation team will introduce you to your Customer Success Manager and Technical Account Manager.
Realize rapid time-to-value with a fast and smooth Chargebee implementation
Get faster ROI on your revenue platform.
Supercharge revenue growth with Chargebee.
Frequently asked questions about the Chargebee Platform Implementation:
How long does it take to complete the implementation of a Chargebee site?
A typical Chargebee Implementation can take anywhere between three and twelve weeks, depending on the complexity of the requirements and the integrations.
What and how many resources should I allocate for the implementation?
Here's a framework that you can use to estimate the resources required for implementing Chargebee.
What is included in the implementation packages?
We consider parameters such as volume of records to be migrated, custom development / third-party integrations required, etc., while designing your implementation package. Schedule a call with our sales team to know more.
What are some best practices that you recommend while implementing Chargebee?
We'd recommend these three - Assessing all revenue processes, Assigning data engineers' bandwidth to help in migration, and Aligning all stakeholders on what to expect post-migration. We are happy to schedule an in-depth conversation with our team about any queries you have about implementing Chargebee.
What does the implementation process typically involve?
The typical Implementation process will involve the following phases:

- BRD Process (Requirements gathering)
- Configuration & Set-up
- 3rd Party Integrations - CRMs, ERPs, Others
- Checkout & Customer Portal Integrations
- Data Migration
- Go-live
What is expected from me for the implementation?
We recommend assigning a project owner who can help coordinate the resources needed for a successful implementation of Chargebee, across different teams within the organization. The project owner will also help us prioritize deliverables during the Chargebee Implementation, provide business and technical knowledge of the legacy systems/processes, and be available for consultations during the Implementation, Migration and UAT.
Dana Nevnis
CEO, WebShopManager
I was amazed with the speed with which we could implement Chargebee. It took us 8 months to implement Zuora, while we could Go-Live with Chargebee in just 8 weeks.