SaaS Billing doesn't have to be hard

Your subscription business needs a smart SaaS billing solution that integrates seamlessly with
your existing systems. No dependencies, no workarounds, no revenue leakage.

Why do you need a SaaS Billing solution?

You need a SaaS Billing solution because scaling from $5M to $50M is almost impossible without one.

Billing needs are different for different customers, and different for you at each stage of growth. An in-house system may feel like a win when you're able to generate invoices automatically, but the bubble bursts soon after.

How can Chargebee solve your SaaS Billing woes?

Payments module

Payments module

When you sell enterprise-grade subscriptions you need to be able to accommodate the longer sales cycles, negotiate on pricing, and understand the org structure of each account that come with it. Chargebee is designed to automate the entire Quote-to-Cash workflow of your sales engine, so they can just focus on acquiring and closing. Allow for complex sales workflows with hierarchical accounts, quote approvals, and tailored pricing plans. Ensure that your ability to manage subscribers and subscriptions syncs with your sales and tech stack, without missing a beat. And access your business and revenue health in realtime.

Subscription Management

Subscription Management

Get visibility across the entire customer lifecycle. You can offer a payment grace period, upsell, or cross-sell with add-ons, and solve 473 billing scenarios with Chargebee. What's more is Chargebee supports multiple pricing models so you can easily run plan and pricing experiments.

Billing Automation

Billing Automation

Run your entire recurring billing process on auto-pilot with Chargebee. All you have to do is schedule calendar billing dates and we handle the rest - proration, taxation, invoice consolidation, and so much more. You can even set Net D terms for your invoice and handle refunds seamlessly.

Revenue Operations

Revenue Operations

Align your revenue functions to growth with Chargebee. The RevOps infrastructure layer seamlessly integrates with the toolstack of sales, marketing, customer success, and finance and helps decision-making in the back with 360° subscription analytics

It just comes down to numbers. If we have two cloud engineers currently, the big thing is maintaining, right? If he's going to be building, maintaining, and expanding what our billing architecture looks like internally, then he's not building the product. And if he's not building the product then we need to hire someone to do that, or we could pay Chargebee. It's just a numbers game if that's the way it works out.
— Drawboard

To build or buy?

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Why Chargebee?

Why Chargebee?


Tackle the existing compliance laws around EU-VAT, GDPR, PSD2, ASC-606, and the ones that are yet to come without getting lost in endless paperwork and checklists.


Chargebee has the competence to handle multiple interdependent activities like subscription management, collections, revenue recognition etc. in the best way possible.


Switch between tools as you scale without breaking your revenue workflow. Chargebee integrates with your business functions' toolkit, from CRM to accounting.


We go beyond being just a product and offer exceptional solutions and support. Don't sacrifice 3/4 th of your mindshare and developers to keep your revenue workflow running.


Rich with game-changing tweaks and features for 500+ edge-cases, we help you handle complex scenarios without complicating them.

SaaS Billing FAQs

Is it best to build a SaaS billing solution or buy one?
Buy > Build. It's wise to buy than to build if SaaS billing is not going to be the core of your product. Building a recurring billing software is a painstakingly long process and billing needs keep changing as your SaaS business evolves.
How is Chargebee priced?
Chargebee works on top of your TPV (total processing volume). You pay us when you process. Plans start at $299.
What payment methods are supported?
Chargebee supports Cards, PayPal, Amazon Payments, Direct debit Payments, Offline Payments, Alipay and UnionPay, Apple Pay. You can read more about it here.
How do I migrate my customer data to Chargebee?
You can DIY by using the bulk operations feature. If the amount of data is overwhelming, we have an in-house migration team to migrate your customer data for free the first time. Read more about our migration here.