You Don't Need Half a Village to Power a Metered Billing Workflow

Automate your usage-based billing workflow without losing the flexibility to alter it to fit any scenario.

Uncomplicate Metered Billing

Automate your billing workflow without losing the power to intervene and override charges at any point.

Offer a fair billing policy by charging customers for exactly how little or how much they use.

Aggregate daily usage data within Chargebee and auto-calculate charges when it's time to bill.

Iterate your pricing model with usage-based charges to fit any condition without any developer dependency.

Save Tons of Time With a Zero-intervention Workflow

Save Tons of Time With a Zero-intervention Workflow

Save Tons of Time With a Zero-intervention Workflow

With a minimal setup using our extensive API and webhooks, automate usage charges calculation, and your billing workflow. All you have to do is create a subscription, specify the metered components and billing frequency, and kickback. Chargebee aggregates the usage data and calculates the charges automatically. After that, your invoices get automatically closed and sent out to customers. In case of upgrades, downgrades, or even a cancellation fee for a premature subscription termination, we got you covered.

Chargebee's API
Proration handling
Bend your Metered Billing Workflow to Fit Edge Cases

Bend Your Metered Billing Workflow to Fit Edge Cases

Bend your Metered Billing Workflow to Fit Edge Cases

Automation can be constricting without flexibility. If a special customer needs to be charged based on their contract and not their usage, you can instruct Chargebee to override the metered charges for a specific period. You have the ultimate power to intervene and make changes to your metered billing workflow at any point, and on any level.

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Chargebee's Recurring Billing Capabilities

Measure Usage-based Impact on Your Recurring Revenue

There's no one ultimate method to calculate MRR. But for a business that charges based on usage, MRR without metered charges can be misleading. Chargebee's flexible MRR calculation lets you define what goes into your MRR like metered charges, recurring and one-time addons, and coupons. What more is that metered charges for each month get reported in the same month, doesn't matter when you send out the invoice.

Chargebee's Reporting and Analytics Capabilities
Flexible MRR Calculation

Build Your Pricing to Fit Any Condition

If there are 100 ways to price a product, usage-based pricing is 97 of it. There are so many levers in a usage-based pricing model. You can price based on seats or quantity, add overage charges, and even couple it with a flat fee. With every iteration, you move closer to your pricing sweet spot. Chargebee scales with your pricing needs and lets you grandfather customers on the older plans along the way.

Pricing experiments you can run
Pricing models you can configure