Boost retention with an experience your customers can’t resist

Know why your customers leave, then test and target personalized content and offers to reduce cancellations while keeping things delightfully simple. It's easy...with the right tools.

The magic of personalized retention

Grow your customer LTV targeting customers with personalized offers and experiences with a higher chance of retention and increasing average lifetime.
Serve New Markets
Build a retention experiment system that routes audiences to multiple test variants while getting real-time results to iterate quickly.
Crack New Segments
Get a 360-degree view of your retention performance with the deflection funnel that gives a concise report of your retention metrics and why your customers are canceling.
Rethink Revenue Models
Capture and join data from multiple sources to build an ecosystem of integrations that allow deep personalization based on numerous customer attributes.

Customers are canceling. You can save 20 - 40%

Your customers cancel because they have an issue. Chargebee Retention allows you to address these concerns at a personalized level and provide offers and experiences that will solve for their pains.


Say goodbye to boring static cancel flows

Chargebee Retention is all about revolutionizing the customer cancel journey. Move away from generic cancel pages to intelligent cancel experiences that can grasp customer intrigue with personalized design, messaging, offers, and surveys. All this while also providing relevant data on how your customers interact with the hosted cancel experiences. Your retention will never be the same.


Your save performance is only real when you can see it

Get a view of your retention performance through a dynamic funnel. Chargebee Retention tracks multiple outcomes for customers: cancels, deflects or saves and those you need to add to the watchlist. No need for complex reports and consolidating data from various sources. One view, one truth.


Get the freedom to craft every little detail of what your customers see

Don’t let yourself be restricted by technology when creating experiences. Understand the real voice-of-customer by showing tailored cancel reasons. Customize branding, copy, imagery, color schemes, and more to build an experience specific to your customers.


Run experiments to test your hunches

The best way to know what works is to test it. You can present different experiences to customers based on multiple attributes. Chargebee Retention allows you to run randomized, rules-based, or ML-based (Smart Routing) tests, so your experimentation isn't restricted. Scientifically evaluate every inkling you have had about a retention strategy.


What is measured is improved

Running experiments is only half the battle. With Chargebee Retention, you can drill into the impact of your retention experiments. Understand why customers cancel and what wins customers back. Learn how your offer-cancel reason combinations are performing across categories. This is the secret sauce to constantly improving retention performance.


Trigger real-time retention workflows and alerts across your systems

Leverage Chargebee Retention as your source of truth for customer churn and retention performance. Send Slack or email alerts when customers cancel to win them back, or accept trigger save intervention workflows or subscription updates when they accept offers. Store complete data histories in your warehouse or product analytics using Chargebee Retention's webhooks or Segment integration to pass event data in real-time.
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