Empower your customers to refer more people to your business, and boost your sales with Chargebee’s integration with Friendbuy.

Drive Stellar Customer Acquisition with Meaningful Referral Marketing

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Launch referral marketing programs that make sense and build strong advocates. Say no to meaningless virality.

With Chargebee’s integration with Friendbuy, you can allow your customers to spread the joy by inviting friends into their subscription service, on the go.

Create more brand advocates. Incentivize your referrers. Win more customers.

Customize and Personalize

Customize and Personalize your Referral Campaigns Easily

  • Build beautiful and easy referral programs and campaigns and automatically deposit promotional credit directly to their customers’ Chargebee accounts.

  • Benefit from the complete control over the widget embedded onto your site, with social links for shares that can be replicated on your checkout pages.

  • Customize the look and functionality aligned with your brand, with personalized URLs, editable widgets, and compatible across all devices.

Track and Optimize

Track and Optimize your Referral Campaigns

  • Grow from idea to implementation fast, and see what makes customers stick on which channel. Launch and A/B test your referral program with different designs and CTAs

  • With Chargebee’s cohesive, self-service integration with Friendbuy, it’s easy to track conversions on order confirmation and coupon codes and measure referral performance against revenues

  • Track detailed metrics about performance to ensure that each widget is optimized and reward payout with the integrated status reporting, to ensure that advocates are receiving credit for successful conversions

Fraud Detection and Validation

Ensure your Referral isn’t Rogue with Fraud Detection and Validation

  • Worried that your referral campaign can suffer from fraudulent loopholes and gaming? You can check the validity of users from same browsers or sessions, email addresses, IP addresses, and customer ID

  • Benefit from the default delays for applying rewards for advocates by merchants to ensure a purchase has indeed taken place

  • Friendbuy’s default reward validation callback can ensure that only active subscriptions in Chargebee can be rewarded.

Automated Payouts of Account Credits

Automated Payouts of Account Credits

  • Unlock avenues that drive profits. Automate payouts of credits without having to do a thing

  • The Chargebee - Friendbuy integration helps you track referral purchases and add promotional credits to the Referrer's customer account automatically

  • Friendbuy applies the configured reward as promotional credits to the referrer's account in Chargebee