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Enable Sales to Close More, Faster, Contextually, and Predictably, with Chargebee and Zoho CRM

Chargebee +
Zoho CRM

For high-performing sales teams, context is king and efficiency is queen. Enabling these sales teams to win negotiations faster without moving out of your CRM is absolutely crucial.

A prospect’s intended subscription terms and invoicing information often change during negotiation,  and it becomes difficult to keep your CRM up-to-date. There is also the issue of helping Sales select the right pricing plan, coupons, add-ons while creating a new subscription for customers.

That’s where Chargebee’s integration with Zoho CRM comes into play. With Chargebee + Zoho CRM, your sales team is empowered to close better, with more visibility into context, in order to engage with customers and prospects, based on affiliated billing information.

What does it mean for you:

  1. Get full visibility into the subscription records synchronized from Chargebee into Zoho CRM to make contextual sales 

  2. Track and analyze your sales pipeline by allotting it to specific deal stage and pipeline categories from inside Chargebee.

  3. Mine through every past wins and loss to help guide future decisions 

  4. Identify best-performing customers to prospect more leads with similar persona or department

Close contextually with a single system of record

Spend less time chasing billing teams, and more time closing contracts with Chargebee + ZohoCRM. Chargebee provides a customizable integration with Zoho CRM with accurate subscription and customer data in your CRM. It is a one-way integration that syncs Chargebee Customer records to Zoho CRM Contacts.

Bring revenue predictability with an organized pipeline category

How many prospects convert better with your self-serve model? How many prefer to have a longer trial period? How many are in the sales pipeline? Know all this and more by syncing subscriptions to specific pipeline categories from Chargebee into Zoho CRM, so you can categorize and track revenue based on your sales workflows and revenue streams.

Prioritize prospects and analyze based on the deal stage

Define sales strategies based on the deal stage of your prospect and convert those qualified prospects from ‘Maybe’ to ‘MRR,’ armed with the right information. Identify the sweet spot between earning a customer and ensuring their pricing demands are met with custom pricing on Chargebee and let it reflect on the MRR in your CRM.

Create sync rules that make sense to your deal management process

Be armed with up-to-date prospect information with hourly auto-sync. Select actions based on your preferences when syncing data from Chargebee into Zoho CRM. If a matching contact from Chargebee is present in Zoho CRM, choose to simply map the fields or override existing data, or create a new contact in Zoho CRM altogether.