Maximize Revenue Recovery With Smart Payment Retries

Fight involuntary churn by handling failed payments and delinquencies smartly. Supercharge your dunning process with Chargebee.

Plug Revenue
Leaks Smartly
Make revenue - not spam, by decoupling failed payment retries and notification emails.
Maximize recovery by automating the right times to retry payments, with Smart Dunning.
Reduce high-risk exposure with your payment processor with intelligent payment retries.
Monitor dunning performance and streamline recovery with dunning summary reports.
Custom rules for payment retries

Recover Revenue
That is Rightfully Yours

As much as 10 percent of your recurring revenue may be at the risk of a payment failure. The reason? An expired credit card, network downtime or insufficient funds. With an intelligent retry sequence set to identify the best times to attempt recovery, Chargebee's Smart Dunning lets you recover potentially lost revenue on autopilot. And if you've already discovered the secret sauce to your dunning process, you can customize the entire sequence - emails, retries, et al.

"We've reduced churn by almost 100%. We've made the team more effective, more informed, and more empowered to help our customers. For Whiteboard, Chargebee has been a pivotal and indispensable tool."
Configure dunning logic

Build Dunning Rules that
Align with your Billing Logic

Missing out on payments is likely just as frustrating for your customers as it is for you. Setup your dunning logic to define what you'd like to happen once your dunning attempts have expired - would you like to cancel out the subscription? Or continue to serve your customer? Psst: You don't have to limit your dunning logic to just the recurring invoices. Setup recovery processes for one-time invoices, future subscriptions, and even trial expires.

Shoot Dunning Emails
That Notify And Nudge

Customers need to know when their payments fail. But, unless you are a Nigerian prince, notifying them everytime you retry is just spammy. Provide a smooth experience to your customers by decoupling payment retries from emails. Test the number of reminder emails you need to send, and iterate on a tone that works for your customers. Even better, lead customers out of the haze by sending emails that tell them exactly why the payment failed.

Amp Up your Recovery Rates,
not Gateway Risks

Gateways and payment processors don't like failed transactions. Every unsuccessful retry attempt increases your chances to being marked a high-risk merchant, or worse, getting blacklisted. Chargebee lets you hit the sweet spot between maximizing recovery and optimizing retry attempts. How? By just identifying which failed payments aren't even worth pursuing!