Grow Your Subscription Business with a
Robust Quote to Cash Process

Don't just throw out a number. Inspire confidence with Quotes that reflect your brand

Configure Quotes with contract terms and convert it into a subscription upon acceptance
Email quotes and provide pricing transparency to help move the deal along
Drive conversions by giving customers a secure link to accept the quote and pay
Complete control with the ability to integrate with popular CRM tools like Salesforce
Send Customized Quotes for Subscription Deals

Quotes that Drive Mutual Commitment

When you draft a quote for high-value customers, you don't have to worry about investing months to build custom features only to have them churn away. With contract terms in your quotes, respond to prospects with the right pricing, contract duration, and details of renewal in a transparent manner. If your customer wants more time to accept, just extend the expiration date without having to raise another quote.

Manage subscriptions with contract terms
Contract management with GetAccept
Convert Quotes to Cash

Closing the deal made easy

You've done the hard work, and now your customer is happy and it's time to convert pipeline to booked revenue. Make it seamless for your customers to accept your quote, create their subscription and generate an invoice by including a secure link to your checkout page in the quote email. Or if you prefer, send a quote PDF requesting acceptance over email, and manually create a subscription and invoice.

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Solve the Renewal Date Conundrum

Do you create invoices only to then cancel? Not only is it laborious, but it could also mean a raised eyebrow from your auditor. Send out Proforma invoices that give your customers an accurate view of what they will be buying, the validity of the offer and terms of the deal without having to actually raise an invoice. And when your customer is ready, convert the Proforma invoice to an actual invoice.

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Built for sales driven workflows

Closing a sale and creating a subscription is now seamless with Chargebee's integration with Salesforce. Using Chargebee custom object, create a quote from directly inside Salesforce Opportunity. Send the quote for approval with the option to either accept an e-signature or lead prospects directly to your checkout with our secure Pay Now link and accept payment in 100+ currencies. Upon acceptance, a subscription is created within Chargebee and the opportunity is moved to closed-won. And it works with Salesforce standard approvals. Say hello to a seamless quote to cash process.

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Our Sales team used to take at least half a day to bill our customers. And now with Chargebee in the workflow, they take half the time of that. That's the main KPI you see. We increase productivity and use less time to bill our customers.
Quentin Choserot,
Operations manager, Coorpacademy