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Our Branding and Naming Process
We blend creativity and linguistics, backed by thorough trademark and consumer research, to discover the most impactful name for your company, brand, product or service.
Our creative process starts with learning EVERYTHING we can about YOU (your team, company, goals, ideas and objectives). Your name should be a reflection of your creation, a label you are proud to be known by. We create power in simplicity, to leave a lasting mark on the world.
Simple words can birth stories, alter perceptions, and leave a lasting impressions on people. Even before someone explores your brand they will create an idea of your offering simply by reading your brand name. We discover brand names that create lasting and positive memories.
It is crucial that you protect your brand. Although sometimes hard to value, brand names are often the most priceless part of a business. We thoroughly research the names we discover through projected classes and markets to ensure your brand can be protected.
Names and their perceived meaning are more important than ever in today's world. We explore market trends, research linguistic impact, and perform market testing on all our discovered branding to make sure that the name reflects the same meaning as the intended brand itself.
Example Case
Ninja Course Branding for Fitfest
The Great Canadian Fitfest (Fitfest) was looking for a creative and memorable name for their ninja obstacle course, a key component in their interactive fitness expo. The obstacle course was not being branded and was using descriptive words that could not be trademarked or protected.
The difficulty in the naming process came from the association most people have with obstacle courses and the trademarked names "Ninja Warrior / American Ninja Warrior". The new brand name would have to be unique which would require some brand education.
Through our market research we found that most companies were infringing on the Ninja Warrior trademark when describing their product. We researched words and came up with a list of movement and sport related terms that projected positive yet challenging emotions.


Based on our list of movement and sport related terms we brainstormed as a team a way we could combine different words that would also sound good together with the main Fitfest brand. Our goal was to create the feeling of moving through the course with a goal or objective.

We keyed in on the word Flight to portray the course participant's need to jump, leap or climb high up on many of the obstacles. The word flight also linguistically worked well following the brand name Fitfest. The word Track was chosen to follow flight to identify the brand as a course having a path that should be followed.

To help with brand education "Ninja Course" was added to the branding as a component that could later be removed if brand knowledge grew large enough to identify Flight Track as an obstacle course as a stand alone brand name.


The Fitfest Flight Track Ninja Course was born and has helped Fitfest secure new space activation event types that focus around their Flight Track brand.
Branding and Naming Portfolio Highlights
Company names:

SocialArena Games
SocialArena Games is a company that focuses on on creating fun and entertaining social games that create interactivity between their users.

The company name SocialArena Games was created to fit the company's goal of creating social interactive games that were also multiplayer in nature.

Brand names:

Lambpop is an interactive game where players control lamb based characters who have pop culture related looks and names. The goal of the game is to escape their dying planet while also collecting items that are inclosed in bubbles.

We came up with the Lambpop brand to reflect the dual meaning in pop; pop culture references within the game and the pop sound that is made when the player collects an item in a bubble.

Nik of Time
Nik of Time is a puzzle based game where players move through mazes that are set in different periods of history. There is also a time based objective to test how fast you can unlock the puzzle to move onto the next time period and maze.

We created the Nik of Time name and main character name Nik to have multiple meanings. We played on the idiom "In the nick of time", meaning "just in time", to match the game play while also using the time reference to identify traveling through the different time periods during the game. The main character was named "Nik" to fit in with the game's title brand.

SocialArena is a dual screen mobile game that connects two devices through bluetooth allowing multiple players to battle each other through mini games within the main game.

We created the SocialArena brand name along with the parent company name SocialArena Games to hint to users about what the game is about before they downloaded it. The core component of the game was the new social feature allowing players to connect two device screens to play mini games. The user interface and game concept was hinted at by incorporating the word Arena into the branding giving the feeling of competition between players.
Brand names:

eEnglish (by Pronunciation Power)
eEnglish is the online version of Pronunciation Power's award winning product line. Before the eEnglish brand was created their online product was known as Pronunciation Power Online but the company wanted something shorter and more memorable.

We came up with the brand name eEnglish as a simple and memorable name that lets people know quickly and exactly what the product is.
Brand names:

Flight Track (Ninja Course)
Fitfest came to us to help brand their obstacle course and create a name that could be trademarked to help them expand their product offerings.

Our goal was to create a brand name that used words that matched the feeling and goal of participants on an obstacle course. We wanted to stay clear of the commonly infringed upon term "Ninja Warrior" in our branding strategy. The word Flight was chosen to give the feeling of freedom and excitement while the word Track was chosen to give the feeling of challenge and objective.
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