Edmonton, CANada

Fitfest West Edmonton Mall 2019

Sokaris partnered with The Great Canadian Fitfest to put on an interactive health and wellness event in the largest mall in North America, West Edmonton Mall. Sokaris designed the event layout to maximize the available activity and exhibitor areas, provided 3D models of the projected event for mall approval, provided on site event management, and designed interactive content.
Design Concept - Interactive LED Wall Game

The interactive LED wall game was designed to get users active both mentally and physically. Five objects appear on the screen and the player must match the two that are the same. Touching a correct object increases the game time while touching the wrong object decreases the playing time. As the score gets higher the game speed increases, requiring the player to increase their mental and physical reaction time. The game encourages players to move and stretch to reach the objects on the screen.

The interactive LED wall game had over 900 plays during the Fitfest event.
Design Concept - Flight Track Ninja Course + Exhibitor Booths

Sokaris designed the layout for the Flight Track Ninja course and exhibitor booth areas to maximize the usable space and encourage smooth traffic flow.
Event Photos