Edmonton, Canada

Projection Mapping Edmonton Downtown holiday Light UP 20/21

Client: Edmonton Downtown Business Association
Large Events, Staging & Set Design
The Edmonton Downtown Holiday Light Up was presented by the Edmonton Downtown Business Association, sponsored by Millar Western, EPCOR, and The Works Art & Design Festival, and managed by Thirdspace Design Group.
Downtown Edmonton Light Installations

Sokaris Studio worked on three different projection mapping installations for the Downtown Edmonton Holiday Light Up including; Winter Dreams, Frozen Moment (with About Light Inc.), and Kaleidoscope (with About Light Inc.).
Winter Dreams

Winter Dreams simulates a 3D environment where dancing particles and lights appear to be floating inside the building. This perspective piece plays on angles and illusions to give it a feel of depth and space. Get lost in the mesmerizing beauty that invites you into the winter dream world to dance with the lights.

Winter dreams used reverse projection mapping and 3D particle and space effects to create the illusion of the particles floating inside the building.
Frozen Moment

Frozen Moment is a projection mapping light installation that tells a playful story of aurora spirits playing in the snow. Frozen Moment was made using a depth camera to record the playful movements while the artists interacted with the digital snow and ice. Frozen Moment was created in partnership with About Light Inc.

Kaleidoscope displays winter night patterns reminiscent of childhood memories of looking through a kaleidoscope or watching the reflection off the endless patterns of crystalized snowflakes. Kaleidoscope's visuals were created using generative technologies that breath life into the artwork, and like snowflakes, create unique visual geometric patterns for us to enjoy. Kaleidoscope was created in partnership with About Light Inc.